MarketPlatz v7.4 – Listings Marketplace & Classifieds Portal PHP Script – Download



You can start up a Listings Marketplace & Classifieds Portal by building a website with products such as Amazon, giving admin the option to make it totally free to post a product or charge your customers premium packages fees, with popular payment solutions, for promoting their listings on MarketPlatz.

Optimise and grow your financial income with a powerful admin panel to control all the settings of your ecommerce listing app – MarketPlatz.

Your visitors can be allowed from admin to post products or services as guests, speak with potential buyers via the internal Messaging System, and give each other ratings in the built-in Review system.

Installer included: After purchase installation will be done by simple “next next” actions
Category & Options Management: Multi-level category system with options to create unique fields per category, like Engine capacity (cars), number of rooms (houses) or Phone model (phones).
Promoted Products: Charge your customers for featuring and promoting the items.
Promo Packages: Create your own set of packages with any price you want.
Internal Messaging system: Used for internal communication tool between seller and buyer.
Search Engine: Amazing listing page with powerful search results including category options filtering.
2 search results templates: Customers can see map based template or directory based template with products.
Payment Solutions included: PayPal, Stripe,and Offline Payment.
Multiple Currencies: Let your customers choose from a list of many currencies or enable one currency.
Multiple Countries: Choose what countries to be enabled for your customers or enable one country.
Ready to Translate: Choose any language you want and translate it easily in one file.
Email Templates: Edit email templates that are sent to customer upon registration, activation or any action from admin to look like you want.
Email Queue: Check the status of email sending queue, what emails are stuck and force sending emails.
Email SMTP Accounts: Add any SMTP email provider you want examples: Google, Zoho, SendGrid, SparkPost … etc.
Invoice System: Enable invoices and add your companies data to have a correct legal financial flow.
Tax System: Create and add the TAX of your country, city and/or company tax to the total of payment.
Store System: Customers can upgrade their account to store/company account.
Approval System: Admin will choose if items will publish automatically or manually by approving them.
Notification System: System will send automatic notifications for expiring listing to the customers.
Blog System: Create many pages and content to build great SEO ranking.
Transactions and Orders: View any transaction or order in real time to checkout any payment problem with customers.
Location Management: Integrated with google geolocation API with maps view.
Free Listing: Admin can set how many free listing one customer can add and after that payment is needed.


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