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What is an HTML framer?

An HTML framing Tool is a web developer tool that automatically structures your HTML based on a few clicks for when you are starting a new page. The point of an HTML framing tool is to cut down on initial start time when coding a new webpage as well as to make sure all your links and scripts to CDN's and libraries are valid and in the correct loading order

How to add a Carousel to your website.

A jqueryUI or Bootstrap slider can add, not only some style to your webpage but also give it a level of professionalism. Although generally used to showcase an array of images, a slider can also save vertical space on your website for the many levels of an application that the user may not even interact with otherwise. It really leans up the look of your website and is one of my favorite utilizations of the slider that I don't see a lot of developers using.


Ive missed you guys too. All 3 of my daily readers. But its not about how many readers I have, Its about what I started out to do with this website from the beginning and that is to detail my path from novice to web developer. So whats the update? What I have I been up to. Have I landed my first Web Development Job? Well get to all of that shortly just let me get a few updates out of the way

5 Web Designs and Websites that will blow your %$#?ing mind!

As web developers we are always growing, not only in our skills but also in keeping with trends and styles that the current market finds attractive. After all, web developers are designers first. Whether you're full-stack or just focus on front-end, user experience should be one, if not the, top priority when it comes to your web application.

7 Free UX E-Books Worth Reading

The best designers are lifelong students. While nothing beats experience in the field, the amount of helpful online resources certainly helps keep our knowledge sharp.In this post, I’ve rounded up some useful e-books that provide excellent UX advice and insights.

Configuring Jekyll

The Great Jekyll Tutorial - Part II This tutorial is a series of tutorials on Jekyll, if you are interested in learning how you can utilize all the features of Jekyll click here for more tutorials.

How to install Jekyll

The Great Jekyll Tutorial - Part I This tutorial is a series of tutorials on Jekyll, if you are interested in learning how you can utilize all the features of Jekyll click here for more tutorials.

Top/Best Computer Languages to learn in 2016!

Which computer language should I learn for my first Language? You've gotten bad advice from other sites or no advise at all. I'll tell you which language is best for YOU.

Welcome to Jekyll!

You guessed it! This site is running Jekyll. Yes, that also means I'm running off of githubs very own servers...which I happen to think is pretty cool! Anyways thought I would just share that tid-bit with you as you may see some upcoming posts that talk about Jekyll. If you're lucky I may even do a tutorial or two. As for now I'm still figuring it out, but so far it's a blast!

Top 5 Sites to learn Web Development

First off let me preface this by saying this list applies to Web Development since I happen to have the most experience in this area and feel comfortable explaining the landscape of said programming avenue and the best places to pick up the knowledge base fairly quickly and easily.

One small step...or giant leap?

It's never easy to do something new, at least not when you've been doing 'mundane' for the past six or so years; is it time to do something insane? Should I take the leap to learn something completely new this late in the game, (I'm nearly 30 btw) or is it a chance to rediscover what I'm capable of?

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